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A home theatre is a worthy investment for your home. There are global brands and well there are some that are just brands. It does not matter the kind of brand you have what matters is if the set up was right and if the home theatre is being used correctly.

That is why it is important for you to know the mistakes you are making or what to avoid doing when it comes to home theatre installation. Its not about splurging money but about applying the right knowledge to turn your home theatre system into a worthwhile investment.

You do not have to be a professional when it comes to home theatre installation, but you will need information like the mistakes you should avoid.

The mistakes to avoid


1. Buying the wrong TV size


Of course the in thing today is a huge flatscreen television so that you can enjoy the movie theatre experience. You should however note that extremely huge TVs are not the best especially when considering the viewing distance.

Healthy TV viewing calls for sitting 5 to 6 feet away from the screen. Sitting closer  will be distracting since you will be viewing the pixel structure of images. You can instead go for a 4K Ultra HD TV which offers better viewing even if you are seated close to the screen.

Do not buy a TV that is also too small for the room.  You do not want to feel as if you are looking at a small window. You will therefore take measurements of the area the television will be placed and also those of your viewing distance and angles. This combination should aid you in getting the right TV size.


2. Poor ventilation


Your home theatre system needs breathing space. If it does not get this space then it will burn out quickly. You should ensure that the space where it is place has an allowance for proper air circulation.


3. Buying the wrong speakers


Most people spend a lot of money when it comes to video and audio components and forget to focus on the quality of the speakers or woofers. The size of your room matters. Small speakers do not have enough air for a larger room while huge floorstanding speakers don’t just take up space but they will be too powerful for a small room. For a medium or large sized room floor standing speakers will do while a sub woofer and bookshelf speakers are great for a small room.


4. Going for sub standard cables


The other very common mistake is not setting aside enough money for the cables. You should not set your mind that the cables that come with the home theatre system will give good service. You should think along the lines of something heavy duty. Some of the cable tips are as follows:

  • 18 , 16 gauge thickness are great for speaker wires.
  • HDMI cables that comply with latest speed standards will work for and audio and video signals. High priced cables are often over rated. 18GPS is the way to go for now.


5. Not reading the manual


Let us face it, getting a home theatre system is exciting and then we get so impatient because we are in a hurry. First things first, you need to read the manual and not just peruse through it but proper reading. No matter how simple things look home theatre installation is not a joke. The smallest mistake can ruin your whole experience. If you still have difficulties in installation then you better call home theatre Canada experts and you will be sorted.

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