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Home theatre

Home theatre basically refers to video and audio equipment that are tailored in such a way that one can get to experience the feeling of being at a movie theatre right at the comfort of his/her own home. Home theatres help to revolutionize both the sound and visual aspect at home in the sense that the quality is good.

Home theatre design

Home theatre design is majorly based on the location of where you want to place your home theatre. The home theatre design based on the location of the room will affect the kind of television set that you will get, speakers and as well as where to place these equipment so as to ensure that you get the maximum experience of the home theatre ensuring that it is functioning at optimally.

Basement home theatres are rooms that are located in the basement of a house set aside for the sole purpose of entertainment, they are fitted with large screens, recliner seats and the whole works. This is a place that one can come and relax at the end of a hectic day and wind down. All these will however depend on how well your home theatre installation is done.

Home theatre installation


  • Locate the best visual spot


Locating this visual sweet spot has proved to be difficult over the years but scientists have come up with a solution, one should simply take the diagonal screen size and multiply it by 1.5 to 2.5 making it easier to know where to place your seats preferably facing the front of the television set.


  • Use of a sound bar in small rooms


HDTV’s nowadays can pump out relatively decent sound but it is nothing compared to the quality of sound that comes out from dedicated speakers. For relatively small rooms, sound bars would be the way to go as they pack multiple speakers in a horizontal and single-low profile package. Some of the sound bars can fit right below the TV hence saving space.


  • Clear space for wall shaking bass


Subwoofers are also an important part of the home theatre, which is specifically put in place for the bass effect that literally vibrates a room. Mounting them is the tricky part as they should be placed against the home theatres preferably at a corner on the floor hence space should be set aside for them.



  • Get a curved screen


This is very important as it gets to deal with two issues; screen glare and poor angles. The curve on this kind of television tends to increase total viewing angle on either side of the TV set while reducing screen glare significantly.



  • Mount up for surround sound


The best audio setup is that of full surround sound which has six speakers. One at the center, another on the right and left, two at the rear and one subwoofer. Placing the rear speakers is the main challenge as finding the perfect location to place these speakers. One has to find furniture or strategically placed shelves to place these speakers keeping in mind that the distance should not be too long so as to ensure the quality of sound is not affected.

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