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You understand your home’s security needs more than anyone else. You know the most vulnerable spots around the property such as obscured entrances as well as previous break-in points. Therefore, when you think of investing in IP-based home surveillance possibly by way of CCTV cameras installation, prioritize such spots. Additionally, consider installing security cameras these six other locations that AV Geeks Company and other security camera installation experts as must have locations.

Front door

Do you know that one in every three burglars in Canada access homes through the front door? When placing the front door security camera, ensure it faces downwards to perfectly capture the face of the intruder and if possible position it an angle that covers the yard or drive in front of the door. This increases the chance of capturing their face while they approach and enough time to prepare if you are in the house.

Obscured windows and back doors

The rear windows and back door form the next major targets of forced entry by burglars. This is primarily because most face off the streets and are possibly obscured from watchful eyes by hedges and fences. Therefore, experts feel that it is important to place at least one security camera for each rear entry point. Consider covering encasing them in clear mesh to protect them from being destroyed by stones by possible intruders.

At the gate and back yard

CCTV camera at such a strategic point not only serves as a monitor but also contributes immensely in deterring possible intrusions. No bugler wants to be caught and as such a security camera installed in a clear position where the burglar can see but not access it forces them to move to the next house.

Basement stairs

Before buying your new home, you probably called in and scheduled an inspection during which time you were introduced to all its features including the cellar’s outdoor hatch. Potential burglars also request an inspection for houses advertised for sale to identify possible weaknesses in the security apparatus. In addition to reinforcing the basement door, consider installing a motion-sensitive security camera to notify you of any intrusion through the cellar.

Other first-floor entry points

It is estimated that of every ten, eight house break-ins in Canada happen through the first floor. It is, therefore, imperative that you consider installing CCTV cameras that cover all first-floor entry points, especially windows, in addition to the front and back door cameras.

Target areas

Home surveillance doesn’t end with the installation of the outdoor security cameras. Consider strategically placing indoor cameras capturing potential target areas inside the house such as the alley to the master bedroom, safe box or the home office. Upon reaching these points, most burglars are confident their break-in went unnoticed and in the process give a chance for the hidden cameras to capture their act and possibly identities.


The secret to an efficient home surveillance system isn’t in the number of cameras installed but depends on how well-thought was their positioning. Ordinarily, these cameras should be out of the intruder’s reach but in a position to have a clear and broad view of the homes entry points. Lastly, when contracting a security camera installation company, such as the AV Geeks, ensure they only install cameras with motion sensor and night vision features as well as a direct connection to the security alert system.

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