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Integrated, high-quality sound and audiovisual systems have become an essential element of modern day clinics. The music coming from a clinic’s audio system provides some sort of soothing to occupy patient’s minds for staying power. The atmosphere truly inspires visitors to the clinic and encourages positive results. The design team at AvGeeks is able to create individual solutions aimed at meeting different patient requirements. As healthcare systems upgrade and replace outdated practices, research shows that taking measures to reduce patient stress and impart a sense of control can reduce anxiety while improving clinical results.

Audio System

The clinical audio system revolution

To that end, room designs that previously accommodated several patients are now single occupancy. The benefits of such a patient-centered clinic environment are increasingly spreading to in-room audio, where advanced designs allow for better audio quality and more patient control. In the past, hospital rooms contained several patients and a speaker for each as well as intercom speakers, TV speakers and nurse call speakers. The background noise from all those speakers posed as a problem and compromised the audio quality. Today, revolution has advanced to the point where a single self-amplified  speaker of an advanced audio equipment can improve patient control of audio while replacing several individual speakers and improving sound quality. Such speakers additionally simplify the process by linking the input plate, volume control, amplifier and speakers. Overhead, all-in-one speakers with Bluetooth allow patients to control song selection and volume from their devices without having to plug in to walls.

OWI provides wall and ceiling mounted speakers for clinics with several extra advantages compared to conventional audio equipment. For instance, the all-in-one overhead speakers can do the work of several speakers such as intercom speakers while enhancing audio quality. Meanwhile, the two-source, self-amplified ceiling speakers with Bluetooth come with an in-built amplifier to optimize high fidelity response and reproduction without an external amplifier that could otherwise occupy a lot of space in a patient’s room.

Modern audio system setup

Now with up to forty watts of class D digital amplifier power delivered directly to speakers, OWI self-amplified speakers are powerful enough to drive additional non-amplified speakers, yet small enough to mount separately above a two by two foot ceiling through Bluetooth. You no longer have to worry about finding space in a patient’s room or where to place an amplifier because speaker now have combined amplifiers that fit perfectly above a ceiling panel. From an installation and infrastructure viewpoint, this is a better solution than trying to find a location and power for the amplifier somewhere in a patient’s room. Instead of having all the components of an audio system separate, it is an all-one-line item on the equipment list.

In order to improve clinical communication, such all-in-one speakers can also provide a special priority override that automatically mutes music in the patient room when there is an announcement regarding an emergency notification or nurse call. If a power outage occurs, the speaker override messages can still come through. From a clinic design, end-user, maintenance and installation viewpoint, an all-in-one speaker is less costly and easy to use than traditional hardware.

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