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Many of us hear the term home theater and immediately the image that pops up on our heads is the picture of lavish theaters with dozens of seating capacities and huge screens. These are the ideal ideas for home theatres, but truth is many of us do not have enough cash to go spending on such endeavors and not to mention the space required. Instead these days thanks to the fast-paced technological world we have the ability to bring these theater dreams to our homes though on a small scale.

So now you are ready to have your home theater system and enjoy movies from the comfort of your home. However you do not know where to start from, you do not know what to do and how to bring that experience into your living room.

The entertainment room

The first aspect of setting up a home theatre design is figuring out the scope of the system. Most likely for many people the home theater default positioning I the living room or for the tech savvy ones who have an entertainment basement.

Many of us do not have the option of choosing our room shapes, but it is important to note that square rooms tend to produce odd distortions to the sound. For those that have a room shape option, it is important to go for a rectangular room setup. The screen and the main speakers should be on the short side of the wall for excellent sound projection.

The windows are also another factor when it comes to home theatre installation at home. The fewer number of windows in the room the better. Windows affect the sound as they reflect the sound causing some audio distortions, also the windows tend to allow light into the room affecting the viewing surface due to the reflection of light on the display surface. To survive this problem one can invest in heavy window curtains and shades, they help keep away the light reflection and stop some of the sound distortions.

The display area

The critical aspect of the home theater setup is the screen and the sound system.  When buying the screen one should ensure that the display size matches the size of the room. With the technological world moving at a very fast pace these days it is easy to get a screen of any size. However not all screen sizes are recommended for all room sizes. Most of the home theater designers will tell you during purchase the best screen size to match your room size. A massive screen size in a small room will be an overkill, and there would be no fun. However, then again, a small screen on a large room would be strenuous to the viewers. Therefore, the most important thing is to find the perfect match


When it comes to speakers, the most entertaining part of home theater sound is to have that surround sound. The surround sound is what brings the movies to life, and it is what makes music much more fun to listen. When choosing home theater speakers, ensure you choose speakers that give out a natural sound ensuring the music or the movie can be listened to for a long period without discomfort to the ears.

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