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Regardless of whether you are shopping for a complete home theater experience or looking to enhance your existing home theater design, choosing the right home theater system can be quite overwhelming. Here are a number of things that you should look out for when you decide to get yourself a home theater system.

Screen size

If what you’re looking for is an exceptional home theater experience, you might want to consider a 50” class TV or larger. More often than not, most people wish they had acquired a bigger, rather than a smaller TV. So before you buy a home theater system, think prudently about what size will achieve the results you are looking for.

With the sleek design of modern TVs, home theater installation in Ottawa is much easier since larger screens now take up much less space than you might think. This is because the exterior edges that wrap around TV screens have become much thinner in the recent years.


A higher TV resolution is one of the crucial factors in getting superior picture quality. Ultra HD TVs offer the latest and best resolution available in the market. They deliver up to four times the resolution of 1080p TVs and produce strikingly detailed and clear images.

This level of resolution allows you to sit quite close to the screen for a totally immersive experience. They also have the ability to upscale existing high-definition content to make your images even sharper.


For over-the-top gaming, sporting and cinematic experiences, a projector will let you project images many times the size of the largest flat screen TV without compromising image quality. For the best performance, select a projector with the correct amount of lumens, which measure light output.

The brighter the room, the more lumens you will need. Approximately 1,000 lumens will give you a bright image in a darker room. However, you will need at least double that number if you will be projecting in a well-lit room.

You might also want to buy a home theater with a high-quality screen as it contains dedicated material for optimal reflection, which exploits image brightness. A ceiling or wall mount is also something that you may want to consider for ideal positioning of your projector


These sleek speakers provide a useful substitute to a home theater installation comprising of multiple speakers around your space. This is because you can place a single soundbar below or in front of your TV.

Most sound bars come with a wireless subwoofer as well for a rich bass sound, which you can place out of sight but still get the full effect. For an even superior sound, premium soundbars include up to seven individual speakers.

Other video devices

Specialty products such as TiVo or Slingbox allow you to watch and control your TV and all of its live programming over the internet using your smartphone, tablet, Mac or your personal computer. For instance, you can connect the Slingbox to your satellite receiver, digital cable set-top box or DVR and watch your home programming from anywhere.


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