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For most people purchasing a home theater system, a new TV screen is where most of their money goes when investing in such a setup. Even though picture quality and screen size are immensely important, selecting the right audio system to balance the picture is just as important.

Before you begin exploring different systems, it is vital to have a clear idea of what you want your system to do. Some of the questions you need to ask and deliberate on with your family include:

Will the system be only for movies or for music as well?

Movies interest us with visuals and with sound playing more of a supportive role. When listening to music alone though, sound and tonal quality are much more essential and conspicuous. If you listen to music more than you watch TV, a high-quality stereo system is more imperative than multichannel sound.

Vintage room with contemporary home cinema system - 3d rendering

Vintage room with contemporary home cinema system – 3d rendering

Is surround sound a primary concern?

If you are a buyer on a financial plan, there are many other alternatives available for you including buying two-speaker stereo systems that deliver a better sound quality than a bottom of the range surrounds sound speaker system or a sound bar.

How much space do you have?

If you have a committed space such as a media room, the speakers and TV size should be on the larger end of your room so as to provide the finest entertainment and audiovisual experience. If your space is smaller or used for diverse purposes, you should buy a smaller home theater set  because it will still do the job well.

Here are a few tips for selecting home speakers

You should prioritize speakers before TV screens, particularly if you already have a good sized screen to work with. As a substitute of putting your entire budget into a new screen, think about purchasing the finest stereo first with a flexible amount of features such as subwoofers and Bluetooth connectivity.


Right and left standing speakers to have the best bearing on an even soundscape and can generate the most lifelike and thrilling movie experience without alteration. They don’t come cheap but will provide an outstanding stereo output when listening to music.


A quality center channel speaker is vital for a well-balanced home theater system since conveyance of around fifty percent of a movie soundtrack or TV show is a center channel speaker.

Smaller satellite speakers positioned prudently around the room can be a more discreet option than a larger one. Two speakers left and right will work well with a subwoofer, which will provide a richer sound.


A key consideration is to match the size of the TV with the size of the speakers. A smaller TV screen with a high-end speaker system may sound good, but the viewing experience could fall short, especially if the sound takes attention away from the screen.

Contemplate at least a forty inch screen in a smaller room with a right and left the stereo or sound bar, and at least a fifty-inch screen in a large or medium room with surround sound.

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