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Home theatre systems are usually taken lightly, but these are fundamental and at the center of entertainment in the house. These are what drag you into feeling the connection with what you are watching in a movie and keep you glued to the screen. How would audiovisual systems work without quality speakers that can produce sonic sound all round your home theatre? Knowing the right speakers to use is all you need to make the best of your entertainment, you will even forget about your favorite fresh popcorns.

To get started with your home theatre installation, you need center channel speakers below or above your TV, or a pair of front speakers, floor standing or bookshelf speakers. Additionally, you can go for two or more surround sound speakers positioned behind or beside your sitting area and a one or two powered subwoofers for bass. You can position the subwoofers near the corner for deeper bass. These are actually all the options you need to get the best audio experience.

Contact speakers for easy placement


These are good for multi-purpose rooms where the audiovisual systems do not get much attention. The best thing about compact speakers is how they easily blend into your existing décor, leaving sufficient space for your activities. For the best options here, you can get the in-wall and ceiling speakers, which give you the best sound experience without compromising the space in your room.

Tower Speakers


These are the masters of big sound, they will fill your room with life you will feel like you area in real theatre. They come with large acoustic chambers that deliver unparalleled surround effects, especially if you are using them for movies or video games not to mention their effect in music.  

The center channel speaker


Talk of movie sound track and you are well all about the center channel speakers. This is the ideal speaker for almost all the dialogue in the visual, keeping the sound anchored to the action on the screen. Centre channel speaker also works well with other speakers if well configure, if you are using compact bookshelf speakers, a small center channel speaker will do. On the other hand, if you intend to use them with tower speakers, a large one is the best option to go for to meet the intensive output.

Sound bars


These are a good option if you are limited on space around your home theatre space since you can simply position them above or below your TV or mount on the wall. Many of them also feature a subwoofer for deep bass sound, which you can position at a specific place of your preference. Some come with many individual speakers, if you like that robust sound.

The surround sound speakers


These offer the best audio experience you would want in a home theatre. Coming in 5.1- channel surround sound, the set up puts you right at the centre of the onscreen action. The 5.1 channel means having five speakers and one subwoofer for bass. You can position the five channel speakers anywhere around your home theatre; beside the TV, in front, beside and/or behind your sitting area. This is an ideal system for your sound balancing your audiovisual output.

There are diverse types of speakers you can use for your home theatre installation. All that matters is you preference for the sound output, whether you like robust sound or cool deep bass, these speakers have something for everyone. Most of them will give you satisfactory experience of the audio visual and music experience you need around for the best entertainment. It all depends on your space and budget.

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