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Projectors make it possible to amplify images either official or social use. If you are looking to share media on the screen for a number of people making sure each gets a good view, projectors are the only way to do it. This is because they can enlarge the images to a bigger size something that normal screens cannot accomplish.


Projectors are used both at official spaces and social events. A good example of social event is during a concert when the screens need to be blasted with media visible to the mass in attendance However, you can also choose to get your own projector to use at home for leisure


If you are a movies fan, the bigger the screen and picture quality, the more you enjoy your movie. You can create your theatre effect from the comfort of your home, using a projector and a good home theatre. These are the factors to consider when choosing your projector.


  1. Purpose of the projector – Are you looking for a projector for personal or commercial use? This will dictate the type of features you need to look for in your projector.
  2. Key features and specifications of the projector – Are you looking for a projector that integrates with other components in your home? Is it easy to use and install? Can I get a wireless projector? All these are key features to look for when buying a projector. Through a guided, you will be able to identify each feature listed and its importance before deciding if it works for you.
  3. Connections – Since projections depend on additional features such as audio connections, USB, VGA,HDMI, WIFI and Bluetooth, you want to select a projector with key features for best results. Think about what you want to achieve with your projector and what features are most important to you.
  4. Throw distance and positioning – Throw distance is the distance between where you place your projector and your screen. You need to have a mental picture of the room where it will be used to determine its proper installation and configuration.
  5. Price tag How much are you willing to spend on a projector? A good projector costs $500 and above with some going for couple thousand dollars. The more the price, the better the projector. However, some brands are relatively expensive compared to other brands with projectors of the same features. Do you shopping patiently taking time to note the key features with every increase in price Afterwards, you can determine how much you are willing to spend and get the best projector for your money.



Choosing a projector is a tedious task for someone with little information or interest. However, with basic knowledge of parts and functionality, you can be able to make the best selection for your needs. It is important to note the function and preference ware key aspects n play when making your selection. However, consulting an expert such as AV Geeks for advice and installation improves your chances of making the right choice

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