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The internet and technology advancement has made it possible for homeowners to upgrade their homes to ‘Smart Homes.’ Smart homes can be remotely controlled and programmed to perform various functions upon command by the homeowner. Home automation basically refers to the process of remotely controlling basic features such as sprinklers or lighting in your home.

This is possible through the use of internet and computers that program your home features. Home automation involves two basic processes.

  1. Automation – Automation allows you to time program events in your home. You can set your blinders to open and close at specific times, have your sprinklers go on or even control your lighting at home.
  2. Remote control – It is not a smart home if it cannot be remotely controlled from anywhere. Remote control makes it possible to command certain functions in your home at will. You can gain access to your home’s control panel through your computer or mobile device as long as you are on internet connection.

When thinking of home automation, think about the things you would rather be programmed to improve efficiency in your home. Home automation needs vary from one homeowner to the other and can be customized accordingly depending on needs and preference. The most common home automation features include:

  • Smart lighting
  • Automated thermostats for temperature control
  • Lock and unlock system to provide restricted access
  • Automated electrical or gas fireplace
  • Automated sprinklers for your lawn
  • Kitchen appliances such as coffee maker or microwave
  • Scheduled cleanings such as vacuum and surface polishing

Benefits of home automation

  1. Convenience – Home automation provides the convenience needed to run your home. Regardless of where you are, you can be able to set up your alarm system, water your lawn or clean your home by sampling pressing a button on your computer or mobile device. This eliminates the need to rush back home or have someone take care of your house in your absence.
  2. Safety – Home automation can be part of your security system allowing you to monitor and set alarm triggers for intrusion or fire. Smart locks, motion detectors and voice-based unlock systems will keep intruders off your property giving you peace when you are away. Any unauthorized activity within your home will trigger an alarm prompting the necessary response.
  3. Increased home value – Automating your home is a financial cost one which increases the overall value of your home if done properly. Although this may not be your initial motivation, it comes as an added advantage to comfort and style. Automated homes are generally regarded pricy and fetch more in resell value compared to ordinary homes.


Home automation has since ceased to be a suburb thing and almost every homeowner regardless of their location can have one or two automated systems in their home. The convenience and comfort that comes with home automation are unmatched compared to an ordinary home. Home automation provides an excellent platform towards creating your dream home and style. For best results, involve an expert during your automation process.

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