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Central Vacuum and Roughin

Central Vacuum and Roughin

Vacuum cleaning is an important aspect of modern living, to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in residential & commercial properties. Installing central vacuum system is a perfect solution to the inconvenience of traditional vacuum cleaning. With versatile functions and minimal noise, central vacuums can help make cleaning stairs, carpets, couches and appliances easier.

We, at AV Geeks understand the cleaning needs of your modern lifestyle and the trouble of working with portable vacuum machines. And, bring a practical and cost-effective solution i.e. central vacuum installation which makes cleaning easier for you. As per customers’ needs, we install high grade central vacuum system for their residential and commercial establishments.

With central vacuum system, there is no need of lugging a dirty vacuum bag around the house as you can very easily pull a hose out of a nearby closet and plug it into an inlet and start vacuuming. Generally, the main vacuum unit is located in basement or utility room.

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No extension cords or power cords:

This helps us a lot, especially when you do not have a lot of space in your home. If you are looking to have a neat presentable home – having less wires is always a good thing. front view of vacuuming of laminate floor by vacuum cleaner at home

front view of vacuuming of laminate floor by vacuum cleaner at home

Getting it installed can save you tons of money. You won’t need to be dragging wires around the house anymore.

Provides larger trash capacity

Rather then spending time and money changing vacuum filters – a central vacuum system will help enormously.


Imagine if you could store more dust and dirt. You can now change the filters and bags a lot less.

Inexpensive in comparison:

How many times have you bought a vacuum?

The average family buys a new vacuum every 3 years. Having a central vacuum system means that you will no longer need to buy vacuums or incur the costs associated to maintaining them.


Are you tired of carrying a big vacuum around the house? Try getting a central vacuum system installed.

Easy to use and lightweight:

Having a central vacuum system means that you don’t need to carry a big vacuum around the house any more. Save yourself from back pain and the storage required when having a vacuum.


No re-circulated dust particles that cause allergies:

A lot of people do not realize that when you vacuum, a certain percentage of the dust and dirt ends of flying around the house. This in turn, can increase the symptoms of allergies.

Our certified installers are experienced and ensure that every step of your installation is done accurately. Besides, our expert team can help you choose the most suitable unit for your premise. We assure that installation work is done as per your needs and convenience.


Roughin is the activity that a contractor does to allow pipes, cables, and other forms of construction to be done. It is like preparing for future expansion. For new homes, this is done before any plumbing or wiring is done. For old homes, this is done when the home owner or contractor wants to add to the plumbing or electrical of a home (new expansion). AV Geeks does roughin to help with setting up the “central vacuum system” in a house. Feel free to contact us and learn more.

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