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Projectors are optical devices used to display magnified images from computers on projection screens. Projectors are mainly used in theatres, offices, conference rooms and at home to create a theatre effect. They enlarge visual images and texts making it possible to have a clear view even from a distance. Projectors come in different sizes, specifications and functions. They are used for both personal and commercial purposes.

It is important to determine the intended use of your projector before shopping for one. With several options available in the market, it can be confusing to select the best choice. Relying on professional advice is good, but having some basic knowledge is also quite useful. Before purchasing a projector, you will want to have an understanding of basic functionalities such as:

  1. Lenses – Projectors use magnifying lenses to display images on screens. The lenses can either be fixed or zoom. Zoom lenses allow you to set your magnifying ratio without changing the projector’s position. With fixed lenses, you determine the image size and display by changing the projector’s distance from the screen accordingly.
  2. Throw distance – This refers to the distance between the projector and the screen. For projectors with fixed lenses, throw distance determines the outcome of the output. However, it remains unchanged for projectors with zoom lenses. Using throw distance, projectors can be classified into long and short throw projectors.
  3. Lumens – This refers to the illumination capability of the projector. In terms of brightness, your projector will have specified lumens. Choosing the right projectors of lumens is influenced by the natural lighting of the room where it will be placed and the throw distance. For instance, if you have a well-lit room and a long throw distance, you will need a projector with at least couple thousands lumen. If the lighting can be controlled and the throw distance short, your projector will need less lumen than one to be used in a big bright room with a long throw distance.
  4. Contrast and control – A high contrast ratio is the best for a spectacular display. Different projectors have different contrast ratios and you will want to confirm this before purchase.  You will also need a projector with various functionalities such as ports that allow for internet connection, wireless or cord connection to other devices. This makes them easy to use and integrate with other devices.

Types of Projectors

Portable projectors

  1. Portable projectors – These are rather small and simple projectors ideal for use in classrooms or small to medium meeting rooms. They are less sophisticated in terms of specifications with fewer lumens and short throw distance.
  2. Installation projectors – These are mounted on ceiling boards and are a great choice for wireless projection. They have high lumens and complex specification since they are used for commercial purposes; in large boardrooms, conference and meeting rooms, lecture halls and auditoriums.
  3. Home cinema projectors – As the name suggests, they are specially designed for home theatre use. It is no longer a rarity to have people using projectors at home for the cinema effect. To make it more worthwhile, choosing a home cinema projector, fully HD will is the best option.
  4. Large venue projectors – These are projectors made for use in large rooms such as auditoriums, lecture halls or conference rooms. Their specifications are advanced to accommodate several factors such as throw distance, installation, wireless connectivity to other devices, lumens and zoom lenses. They are mostly used for commercial purposes and events hosted in mega spaces.
  5. Short throw projectors – These projectors are ideal for use in rooms with limited space. They work well with the shortest throw distance displaying high-quality images.


Projectors are an excellent addition to home and office. They enhance visual display of text or images on screens for multiple audiences to view.  While some projectors are easy to install and use, others are a bit complex and require professional assistance. AV Geeks are trusted professionals in projector installations in Ottawa. Visit their website today for more details on projector installations.

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