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Your home safety and that of your family should be your main concern whether you’re home or away. Home alarm systems have come a long way. Nowadays, they do more than just ward off intruders. From controlling the lights from your smartphone to calling emergency personnel, home alarm systems need be installed in all homes for the following reasons.

Safeguards property

This is the number one reason why most people would think of installing security alarms. Many people have lost valuable items due to home invasions. A home security system has an alarm that scares off many potential burglars and notifies relevant authorities of an attempted break in.

Discourages crime

A number of studies carried out in the U.S indicate home safety has increased steadily as a result of using home alarm systems. Robberies have decreased even for individuals who did not have their own security alarm systems. A home security system not only protects you as an individual but makes your neighborhood a safer place for everyone else.

Allows remote access

Security alarm systems in the modern day permit users to remotely monitor what happens in their homes when they are away. Depending on the security alarm provider, it is possible to monitor happenings in your home via cameras installed throughout your home. Controlling lights, door locks and even the thermostat in your home are also some of the advantages of installing a home alarm system.

Lowers homeowner’s insurance

A home alarm system is a good deal in that, even though you pay for your security system on a monthly basis, having the system in your home can decrease your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%. Homes with security alarm systems are viewed as a lower liability than those without by most insurance companies.

Keeps an eye on kids

Another great aspect of home alarm systems is the ability to use your provider’s mobile application to watch the happenings in your home. This way you will be able to see who your teens invite over to the house and how they interact with them. If your doors have automatic locks, it is possible to unlock them remotely to let your kids in after school and avoid the worry of them losing house keys.

Improves electricity management

Most security alarm systems provide smart outlets and thermostats. Should you forget to change your thermostat before leaving for a trip, home security gadgets allow you to control the thermostat on a well enabled device. If you think you left any appliances plugged in as well, it is possible to turn them off from any of your devices. This also works as a great tool to turn your lights on and off while you’re away to give an appearance of human presence in the house. This is one of the ways to guarantee your home safety.


Peace of mind

The sense of peace and security is one of the greatest benefits gained from installation of a home alarm system. Apart from making you and your family feel safe, you will be assured of your home safety when you’re away and this will make you more focused and productive.

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