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To mount TV or not to mount? This is the question that bothers everyone after or when thinking of buying a flat screen TV. Nonetheless, mounted screens undoubtedly offer the best viewing experience as they turn the TV from just another appliance to an artistic expression in the room. If that doesn’t sound convincing enough to have you contacting TV mounters like AV Geeks to help you out, consider these top five reasons why everyone else is mounting theirs.

Saves on space

What is the size of your flat TV screen? What does that tell you about the size of furniture required to safely support it and hold it in place? Considering the value attached to property space in Canada, is it worth it? Why subject yourself through all this trouble while you can conveniently yet stylishly slap it on the wall and turn space and furniture used to hold it in place even more useful.

For TV and family safety

Flat TV screens have small sitting base and are, therefore, considerably unstable. Leaving them on table tops or short stands thus puts them and your family, especially kids, in harm’s way. What happens when your curious child attempts to climb the stand and table top or pulls off the TV cables? In Canada, reported cases of TV-related accidents and injuries, some of which are fatal, around the house are on the rise. The only problem with most people is that they don’t realize this danger until their child accidentally tips the screen stand falls over them.

Improved performance

Research indicates that watching flat TV off-center profoundly degrades the image quality. Most TV mounters offer the flexibility of tilting, extending, and swiveling the screen to suit your viewing position as well as turn the screen away from the direct glare of windows that is not possible with stands and table tops.

Reduce clutter

Mounting you flat TV will not only help you increase space around the living or bedroom. It will also help you reduce clutter around the house in the form of both the electricity and signal cables thus making your rooms look neat and orderly. In most cases, professional like AV Geeks TV mounters will run the various cables through the walls and seal them off making the screen seem like it was affixed during construction.

Theft resistance

The black market in Canada thrives on stolen electronic home appliances that aren’t easy to track like the TV screen, hi-fi systems, and home theaters. Though no one wishes their homes broken into; don’t give them an easy time if they do. In most cases, no burglar will stay long enough to pull down a TV that’s drilled on the wall or unscrew the diriment hinges from the mounter. Additionally, proof of securing your pricey TV by mounting it on the wall may earn you reduced premiums with most Canadian insurance companies.


What impresses you most about mounting a TV screen on the wall? The fact that it deters burglary creates space by eliminating clutter or the idea of making your living room more child-friendly? The interesting thing about it all is that you still get to enjoy them all regardless of what impresses you most.

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