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It is not a secret that for a business, music is a vital element because of the ambience and exciting customer experience that it provides. It is even the primary draw for some restaurants. If you have been looking to increase sales, restaurant reputation or boost customer dwell time, it may be time to capitalize in a quality audio system which is perhaps just as important as the music played on it. Selecting a sound system for your restaurant can come off as overwhelming, as there is lots of information in the internet about the topic, often in confusing terminology.

The source

Good music comes down to having a quality source. This could mean anything from a DJ with professional equipment to a record player. Amplifiers and speakers can only keep an audio signal clear, but even the highest quality audio equipment cannot do much if the sound is coming from something poorly installed. You will probably be playing off your laptop in your restaurant, but you can also have it optimized so that it provides the best sound. In order to really achieve a great signal for your audio system, you should consider upgrading your computer’s sound card. Quality options are usually quite inexpensive, and they are easy to setup as inserting a card into a slot on your computer.


The mixer

Once you obtain a quality source, it is now time to invest in some quality hardware, starting with the mixer. A mixer is useful in controlling the frequency of levels of an audio signal. For example, do you want the bass frequencies of a song quiet or loud? The acoustic music you play at your restaurant will probably need different levels of bass. You should note that when building an audio system for your restaurant piece by piece, it is easiest to do without the mixer. Mixing capabilities are often in-built into one of the other components of the audio system, such as the amplifier or source. Nonetheless, a mixer may be necessary when you have to mix several sources at once in your restaurant. For instance, will your restaurant offer karaoke or live music? A separate mixer is the way to go if you are considering such options.

The amplifier

An amplifier makes up one of two PA system components that you will spend most of your money on. Your amplifier improves the signal after your mixer adjusts the frequency levels of your source’s electric audio signal. If you plug your laptop directly into the speaker system without some amplification, the music cannot be very loud even with the tallest speaker cabinets. Get an amplifier with high wattage because the higher it is, the louder the music.

The speaker

This is where music happens and transformation of the amplifiers electrical signal into actual air compression patterns that become the music that you listen to. Keep two factors in mind when getting a speaker for your audio system: weight and size. Speakers work by pushing air compression waves. High, bass frequencies require smaller drivers to push waves big enough to equal the long wavelengths of bass signals and vice versa for low frequencies.

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