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With the numerous reasons to install surveillance cameras in the home or office, basic security camera installation is something that the ordinary person should be able to do without calling in the professionals. Of course, if it’s complex, multi-level security systems then you should definitely get the services of a professional video surveillance system installation in Ottawa. Here are some security camera installation tips.

Leave some room for adjustment when wiring

It is never a good idea to cut cables too short or too long. If you cut the cable too short, then it will be under too much pressure and could snap under the tension. Cutting the cable too long can also be a problem because you may remain with more cable than you know what to do with, and if it’s possible to disguise it, it can be unsightly or become a tripping hazard.  As a compromise, you can cut your cable a little longer so that there is room for camera adjustment, but definitely not so much as it becomes an inconvenience.

Plan in advance

Installing a security system is something you want to get right the first time. You can make minor adjustments in monitoring and placement or add more cameras later. Having adequate space through a digital recorder or a cloud-based service gives you that flexibility. Ensure that you have sufficient hard drive storage in case you need to go back and view past footage.

Do not fix permanently

When approximating the appropriate place for every component during your video surveillance system installation in Ottawa, you will not know exactly where everything should be until you have gotten it together and tried it for the first time. Leave yourself an allowance room in case you have to move  your camera a few inches to compensate for sub-optimal viewing conditions and keep in mind that even the time of day can factor into this.

Other issues may come up that you need to consider before setting up your security camera permanently into place. Fluctuating seasons with their fickle lighting and extreme weather conditions may require you to adjust your video surveillance system installation in Ottawa.

Get camera shot views of all entry points on the ground floor

The ground floor of any building is the most exposed, so you might want to have enough cameras to cover each entry point at bare minimum. You may fall into the temptation of covering a single door and a couple of windows with one camera but you should keep in mind that a distance view deprives the image of crucial detail.

An ideal video surveillance system installation in Ottawa should double cover the front door. One should be above the door looking down so that you can see faces and one with a longer view so that you can see what whoever is at the ground floor is doing.

Capitalize in night vision as well because you are most vulnerable at night. Make sure that you know how far your camera can see in the dark. Once you have completed the installation, you can construct the system to suit your needs.

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