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The very first step after purchasing a security camera is to install it at a suitable place which allows it to provide maximum coverage. We have come up with a small guide about installing a security cam at home. Earlier, most of the household required professional help for setting up a security cam. With the inception and demand of more DIY security cams, it has become easier for people to set up a security system without much support. Majority of installation requirement depends upon the complexity of a system that further varies from plug and play, stand-alone, wire free security cameras to advance multi-cameras. Camera installation Ottawa aims to offer the simplest guide for one and all who wants to get their hands dirty setting up security systems at home.

Placing Security Cameras

An issue that arises once you decides to set up a security system is the placing. Due to lack of proper planning and vision, many people end up placing their security cams at the wrongest places. The installation here becomes unfruitful and your toil goes in vain!

However, by keeping a few things in mind you can always give your security system a better place and coverage. Most importantly you should be focusing on the interest areas which you want to be covered more than the rest of the places. You need to be very mindful while choosing a setup location. You should think about the pathways leading to your main or back doors, bigger windows, balconies or any type of blind spots. You should also need to see what other ways people use to access your building or where a loophole exists that could lead unwanted into your house.

As a rule of thumb, you should always install a security camera at an angle that is downward and can catch appropriate motion detection. The very fact, however, doesn’t go correct for a wide-angle dome camera.   

Front and back doors are more accessed entry points and hence these require monitoring all time. You should place a security cam at each door covering maximum front and back area of your house.

Similarly, large windows having access to the ground floor are more vulnerable to outsider’s invasion and should be monitored. If you have one at your house, you should think about getting security coverage for the same.

Your garage, though most of the time remains ignored can be a hideaway for uncertainty to enter into your building. You have to be watchful and this is where your security camera will be a great help. Think about placing one at the garage.

Your building can be either big or small but the majority of access points remains the same. Therefore, their coverage should be maintained for a quick alert when someone tries to break into your property.

Installing Security Cameras Outdoors

There are a few recommendations that you should keep in mind while placing security cams at outdoor locations. You are suggested follow:

  • Do not use lens flare and backlighting

Backlighting causes due to a bright light which results in a dull, pale or almost white image. This is created either by the sun, street light, security light or any light of high beam. High reflection from sunlight or other lights may lead to lens flare which further created dots on camera footage, thereby making it of no use. Therefore you should avoid placing a security camera in direct sunlight.

  • Out of reach mounting

Your security camera should be installed at a place which is not easily reachable. You would not want your security system to be easily accessible to someone who wants to break in your building! Also, do not mount the camera at a very high altitude as it will further add to the difficulty in identifying people or objects.

  • Good network connection

Make sure the tour camera isn’t too far from the router as this creates low signal strength and the functionality suffers. Therefore, you can use Wi-Fi extender in case of distance between the camera and router.

  • Keep others privacy untouched

Placing a security cam doesn’t allow you to invade into your neighbor’s property and it can be a punishable offense too. Therefore, make sure your security system ensures your security but keeps your neighbor’s privacy intact.


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