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On the exterior, mounting a television to your wall seems like an excellent idea because it lifts the screen up to where the whole room can see it and saves floor space. However, there are some important things you should consider before you actually mount up. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before mounting your television.

Do you have space for the constituents?

If like most people you have several devices hooked up to your television, you are going to need a place close to your television where the cords can reach the TV’s output ports. You can solve such a problem by installing a floating shelving unit under your television.

Another idea is to put a bookshelf under your television to accommodate all the devices. You can do this by simply drilling a hole in the back of the book shelf to thread the cords through.

Can your wall handle it?

If you decide to mount your television, you should first find out if your wall can hold it up. Even the latest and lightest televisions are a bit heavier than the paintings you have on your wall. For this reason, the location you select will need studs to anchor the screws.

Using a stud finder, you can find out if there are studs. Do not fall into the temptation of using drywall anchors because they will not work and your TV will end up on the floor. If there are no studs, pick another position that has studs where you need them.

Do you have a plan to conceal the cords?

You need to consider the aesthetics of all the cords involved in installing your TV. Even if you don’t plug a single device into your television, you will still need to put up with with an unsightly cord trailing down your wall to the wall socket.

If you are not okay with this, you can hire a professional to come up with a home theatre design in Ottawa that will hide your cords inside your walls. Better still, you can have them install a power outlet right behind the television so that the cord doesn’t hang down.

What is your angle?

If you like angling your TV depending on your sitting position, you might want to get an adjustable mount that allows you to rotate the TV at different angles. There are numerous home theatre designs in Ottawa that you can choose from to facilitate rotation.

Are the ports reachable?

Check to see the location of your television ports. If the ports are at the back of the TV, you will want to buy a wall mount that can telescope externally, giving you better access to the back of the television. This is particularly important if you are the kind of person that likes to constantly add new devices.

Accessible ports facilitate connection of additional devices. You don’t want to unmount the television every time you want to access the ports. Ensure that you have all the right tools required for a television mount for a successful installation job.

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