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Security cameras provide round the clock ‘eye on things’ support. Whether you are looking to buy security cameras for your home or business, selecting the right set saves you time and money. Security cameras come in different types, sizes and specifications depending on several needs. They can be used for basic surveillance or incorporated as part of the security system.

While considering buying security cameras, it is important to define the kind of surveillance you need. Home users usually go for lesser sophisticated cameras compared to commercial users.  Here is what you need to know when thinking of buying a security camera.

  1. Type of security camera. Security cameras can be grouped into two depending on where they are mount; indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. These cameras differ in size and functionality each specially designed to be a perfect fit either indoors or outdoors. For instance, outdoor cameras will be designed to withstand harsh weather. They can be water resistant to withstand wet weather conditions. There have a large field of view and high resolution to capture activities outside your premises even from a considerable distance.
  2. Cost. Security cameras range in prices with the most affordable being readily available in your local stores and the most sophisticated designs available in selected stores. It goes without saying that the more expensive the camera, the better it is. However, depending on the intended use, some sophisticated features may not be necessary and a basic security camera would work just fine.
  3. Installation. While there are DIY security cameras, some require expert installation. A security system involving several cameras, monitors and other security systems proves technical and too complex for DIY installations. As such you may need to involve an expert to do the installation for you.
  4. Features. What features would you like your security camera to have? Some desirable features include night vision, motion detector, large field of view, fixed or adjustable lenses, high resolution, and Wifi capability among others. If you are looking for more than a surveillance camera, you will want to select a security camera with several inbuilt features for added security.
  5. Storage. Security cameras work round the clock taping footage which is recorded for future reference. Security footage can be used to identify criminals hence solving crimes, monitor activity at home or place of work. It is therefore important to have ample storage in place to store the footage. DVRs are used to record footage from analogue cameras, NVRs record HD footage from IP cameras while PC based storage remains most popular with CCTV installations.


Security cameras provide an assurance knowing that you can monitor your home or premise remotely. The round the clock surveillance provides an opportunity to be aware of what is happening even in your absence. However, you will need to take care of hackers who may gain access to your home or office if you do not put up the necessary firewall. For professional advice and installation, consult an expert to do the installation for you.

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