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These are a few Guidelines on how to install Cameras for Security and/or Surveillance purposes.

Installing Security Cameras is less cumbersome when installing with an easier Network. However, when it comes to a Larger Network the installation becomes complicated. Unless you have a verified and a Trusted Tester the things can go way wrong. You might be on a path of Struggle to get things to straighten up. So here are simple steps on Installing Security Cameras.

The Network Configuration for the Cameras

The first and obvious thing is to determine the System Configuration and that includes the number of Cameras. Adding to this you also have to keep in mind the Physical location of every item with the actual footage of the Videos. One of the most important things is to consider the Quality of the Video that you want, this matters on the type of Camera along with the required speed of the Network. Most probably you might require 1 or more Network Switches and a sort of a Digital Recorder.


You need to connect the Devices with trusted/tested Cables. Each of the Cables should not be more than 330 feet. A switch can act as a repeater in case you need more length for the Cable. If somehow you miss on using Standard cables you will have to fit RJ-45 Connectors to them. Keep in mind not to damage the Cables, if this happens then the Connections may go wrong. Connect the IP camera to the switch and then connect it with your Recorder and Router.

Powering for the Camera

The Cameras need a power supply and that too 24/7, for that, the easiest procedure is (POE) ‘Power over Ethernet’. For this, either you should have a POE power supply or a POE enabled switch. You need to confirm that your Camera is PoE enabled. In case you are using PoE power Supply make sure it is connected with the Switch and the Camera and that is when you are not using a PoE enabled Switch.

Setting it up

MAC address is a must for each and every Camera installation, and along with that, you have to get an I.P address (Internet Protocol). I.P. address should be prominent because in some cases the Network system does not work.

You should always consult with or take Instructions from the Manufacturer.  In Most of the cases, you will have to start with configuration and set up the recorder, there might be instances’ when the Voltage is low then it will take some time to get the Recording on the Camera. However, there is nothing to Worry as these things can be rectified by a Professional.  

Trouble Shooting

Please consider an approached system while installing Cameras as things can go drastically wrong.  The Cables have high Tension wires which will give you a shock of your of life (May God bless). At times the Poe would not work and the reason is that the VOLTAGE is insufficient and in this case, it is advisable to consult a Digitally Network special Tester.  

Testing it with digital Network

There are a number of digital cable testers which are used for diagnosing faults in the cables which are mainly due to open circuits, inappropriately wired RJ-4 cable or shorts including the coaxial cables. These devices measure PoE voltage and identify the location of the cable on the hub, router or switches. Also, their efficiency varies from running ping command for discovering MAC or IP addresses to detecting VLAN configuration. In addition, these also perform various numerous tests. Such devices also help measure transmission speed of a cable and map its route from the camera to the router.

There are times when you want to hire an installation expert for your security cameras installation. This could be due to a lack of technical expertise or interest. At such times camera installation Ottawa experts can help you by reaching your location. This could be hassle-free and less time-consuming. The installation team is not only trained but comes equipped with all the necessary tools and cables which are required for a successful installation, check and working of your security cameras.

Whether you install your cameras on your own or through an expert, these tips are a must to keep in mind!


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