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Home security measures can be quite expensive but the good news is that there are various low-cost and simple steps you can take to significantly diminish your chances of facing a burglary. It’s all about making your home a tougher target to break into.

Most burglars enter through a back door, bedroom window or garage door. Burglar proof these and you will substantially improve your chances of never suffering a break-in.

Young brunette woman entering code on keypad of home security alarm. Video intercom next to alarm keypad.

Young brunette woman entering code on keypad of home security alarm. Video intercom next to alarm keypad.

Install door locks

Have key-operated two cylinder gridlocks fitted to all exterior hinged doors. A quality knob-in lock set will have a dead latch mechanism to deter burglars from using a credit card to open it. While looking at exterior doors, you may also want to ensure that they are concrete and strong. If they are not, you should contemplate switching them or add a security screen. You may also want to consider installing a wide angle eyehole on your front door.

Use sliding doors

Doors are a preferred point of entry for most burglars. Install key operated locks or patio bolts to all your exterior sliding doors such as veranda or patio doors. Inserting a metal or wood dowel into the track to limit movement can also make sliding doors more secure.

Use grills for your windows

An open window that is evident from the street may be the only reason why a burglar may choose your home as a target. Ground floor windows are more predisposed for obvious reasons. Ensure that you have security grills, security screens or burglar bars applied to all accessible windows.

Put up warning stickers

Position noticeable stickers on front windows and doors, which point out an alarm system, dog or affiliation to a neighborhood watch. Your local police station should have an anti-crime adviser who can help provide these.

Install light timers

Set up light timers to switch on spontaneously if you’re going away for some time. The timers should imitate when you would typically switch lights off or on. They are not costly and are obtainable at most hardware stores.

Exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting is also a good preventive measure, provided it comes on and off as if someone is at home. Make sure the approach to your house, especially any entryways lit brightly and controlled by a light timer if required- this also makes it comfortable and safer if you come home after dark.


Motion sensor lights

These are worthwhile to install, particularly at the back of your house or apartment. Infrared motion sensor lights are also easily obtainable and not quite as expensive. An unanticipated light going on is a sure deterrent to a burglar who will wonder what other security devices you have installed.

Home safes

Burglars easily identify all the places to look for valuables, keys, and significant documents. The cost of a good home safe is quite reasonable so installing one could be a worthy investment. You need to set up your home safe into permanent shelving or the floor and you should not have it in the master bedroom. Use the safe regularly, so it becomes routine and keeps your code undisclosed.

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