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Home automation refers to the process of integrating all of your home’s electrical appliances and connecting them via a network to ease and facilitate their remote accessibility and control. Essentially, home automation is the creation of a smart home that places every device in your home at your command and AV Geeks Company helps you achieve such automation.

What makes it different from the traditional clapper technology? While the latter was used to control essential home appliances like light, automation creates a home network for the entire house. From door and window locks, blinds and AC control, microwaves, fridges, and heating control, alarm and fire systems to pet feeding and sprinklers, a smart home has all home systems and appliances connected to a single control unit.

Step forward

Automation is also a step forward from prior techniques that only allowed for single or two control systems mounted on specific locations around the house. The advancements in home automation enable the creation of a cloud network that provides for monitoring and oversight of all these systems either by use of Bluetooth technology around the house or remotely via the internet.

Why automate your home?


The fact that you left the house hurriedly and forgot to lock the back door or feed the pet doesn’t have to weigh you down the whole day. With home automation, you can accomplish these and much more such as access your property’s light control system remotely from any part of the world. Additionally, how would it feel if you could control heat and audio in every part of the house from the comfort of your bed? Imagine the fulfillment that would come from accessing heating control systems on your drive home and warming up your house before stepping in on chilly evenings.


The automated surveillance in a smart home allows for immediate action in case of threats. The surveillance cameras will notify you of intrusion allowing you set off the alarm or contact security companies while fire and water sensors will alert you of smoke and leaks ensuring you take appropriate actions such as turning on cutting off the water supply to your home before the situation gets out of hand.

Savings on energy

Home automation allows you save on energy by switching on energy consuming appliances only when you need them. If you forgot to turn off lights security lights or the AC when leaving the house, you could still do it from the office. AV Geeks can also have them switch on and of automatically at preset times or when prompted by pre-indicated incidences such as breach detection.

Cost effective

Gone are the days when smart homes and automation were the preserve of the wealthy and luxury home developers. If saving on energy, gaining convenience, and securing your property don’t sound like a luxury to you, you need a home automation system. Lastly, if you compare the long-term security fees to home guards, the cost of energy waste, and possibly higher insurance premiums against the fact that this is a one-time project, you will realize it is highly cost-effective and re-assuring.

Automating a home essentially means gaining control of your home appliances and devices while on the move. The comfort, convenience, and safety assurance gained from automating your home disqualifies the perception of automation being a luxury and adds it to every homeowner necessity bucket list.

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