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VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. This organization maintains industry and marketplace standards for video electronics for the benefit of the consumer to ensure competitiveness but also a more manageable experience.

First introduced in 1997 as the Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface (FPMPMI), this organization essentially curates a family of standards that all participating companies work with in order to reach a wider market. These are called the VESA Mounting Interface Standards (MIS) and they are important. One could argue that because of VESA, you don’t have to buy a proprietary mount from the maker of a monitor or TV for potentially hundreds of dollars more. Now, depending on the brand of the mount manufacturer, you only have to pay between $50 and $250 for most standard mounts. This is also due to the fact that third parties are able to create and supply mounting solutions to the market without even knowing the physical specifications of past, current and future TV and computer monitor models!



Most importantly, the MIS manages:

  1. Safety


    1. It ensures that the consumer will be using a product that they can safely put in their homes for entertainment or in their businesses for service requirements without fear of injury from a faulty or improperly designed mount.
  2. Quality

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    1. When a manufacturer maintains VESA guidelines, they are protecting themselves by knowing that they are following tested protocols that they and their customers can believe in.

There are three main types of VESA MIS:


VESA Screen Size Display Weight Hole Mount Pattern
MIS-D 12–22.9″ ≤30.8 lbs ≤14 kg 75 x 75 mm;

100 x 100 mm

MIS-E 23–30.9″ ≤50 lbs

≤23.7 kg

200 x 100 mm
MIS-F ≥31″ ≤250 lbs 200 mm


≤113.6 kg increments


The MIS-D series can handle two types of screw configurations, both a 75x75mm square and a 100x100mm square.


The MIS-D and MIS-E series both employ M4 screws for their mounts, where the MIS-F series uses M6 or M8 screws.


There are two more though they are uncommonly used due to their dedication to smaller, less used sizes:


VESA Screen Size Display Weight Hole Mount Pattern
MIS-B 4–7.9″ 4.4 lbs 2 kg 50 x 20 mm
MIS-C 8–11.9″ 10 lbs

4.5 kg

75 x 35 mm


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