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Business owners put effort and focus in running their businesses and forget to protect their efforts. This leaves other aspects of your business such as security completely neglected or procrastinated. It is not until something happens that most businesses consider implementing security systems in their business. It is estimated that ¾ employees are likely to steal from their employers while dishonest employees steal 5.5 times more than shoplifters.

Despite the staggering statistics, most businesses especially startups still do not priorities security as their initial investment. There are two options to choose from when it comes to securing your business; self-installed wireless system and hardwired systems installed by professionals. Both come in different packages and a proper decision can be made after considering your security needs and budget.

Below are 5 reasons why you should implement security systems as an initial investment in your business:

  • Protect your business against vandalism or theft. This can be petty shoplifters or organized criminals.
  • Protect your employees from theft and other criminal activities such as harassment they may be exposed to while at work.
  • Cab employee theft and irresponsible use of office resources which can lead to loss in terms of money or data.
  • Increase productivity from your employees as their actions are constantly monitored.
  • Peace of mind that comes with round the clock surveillance on your business even in your absence.

Top 5 Security Systems for Your Business

  1. Video surveillance – Round the clock surveillance is an important aspect of security. Not only do you get to run your business virtually, but also protect it from imminent criminal activities. Video surveillance captures real-time activities within your store and can be a point of reference in solving uncertainties within your business.
  2. Access control – If your business has sensitive areas not open to the general public, access control limits the access of these specific sections to authorized personnel only. The level of clearance for access to these areas can be limited to only relevant people even within your staff. Should anything go wrong in these restricted areas, only those with access should be answerable.
  3. Motion Sensors and sound alarms – Sensors and sound alarms are most helpful during non operating hours. When set on after working hours, any movement within your business premise will trigger an alarm alerting response teams. This prevents intrusion, vandalism or any other criminal activities after lockup.
  4. Fire and smoke sensors – Fires can be caused by accidents or faulty electric connections. Being equipped with fire extinguishers and drills is a key step in managing the fire. However, smoke detectors and fire alarms will go off prompting evacuation within the building and alert the relevant authorities and response teams. Their timely response will help manage the potential damage.
  5. Flood, Temperature and Carbon Dioxide sensors – Natural calamities such as floods, heat waves can cause damage to property in business. Having an alarm system for these triggers a fast response and could minimize the damage that could have occurred.



All businesses are susceptible to misfortune either through theft, vandalism or damage. It is important to safeguard your business right from the start to prevent calamities that could have been avoided. Other than security, keeping a close eye on how things are running within your business can be very insightful in terms of efficiency and service delivery. Since you cannot always be present to oversee certain things, security systems help safeguard sensitive areas within your business by limiting access to only authorized personnel.

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