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Professional Home Theatre Installation in Ottawa

Installing a home theatre in your home is a big undertaking. There are many moving parts you have to consider such as the TV, sound quality, and much more. If you’re thinking about installing a home theatre, here are some things you should consider. 

TV screen

If you don’t have a television and you’re looking to buy one, you have to decide what kind of TV you want. How big or small your room is will affect the size of the screen you get. After all, if your room is tiny, the TV screen can’t be as big. If you have a bigger room, it makes sense to get a larger screen. 

Nowadays, smart TVs have many features such as Bluetooth. Decide which features you want and which ones you can do without. Take into consideration your watch habits and needs. Do you like to use streaming devices? If so, look for a television that allows you to connect devices to it. Some TVs let you stream from your computer, phone, or tablet. 

On the other hand, you may already have a television and you’re not looking to purchase a new one for your home theatre. In that case, you should build your home theatre system around the TV. 

Seating arrangement

For the best viewing experience, you don’t want to sit too far or too close to the screen. The size and shape of your room will affect your seating arrangement. Also, ask yourself what kind of seating you want. You’ll likely be sitting a lot in your home theatre room, so you want the couches or chairs to be comfortable. 

Speakers and sound quality

The room will dictate how big your home theatre can be. If you have a lot of space, you can opt for bigger speakers. If you don’t have as much space, your speakers should be smaller. In general, bigger speakers provide better audio quality. Nevertheless, these days some small speakers still offer good sound quality for their size. Some speakers can even be hidden in ceilings and walls if you don’t want them to be visible. 


Lighting is key. You don’t want too much or too little light in the room. As such, try not to position your TV screen too close to large windows that will let in a lot of sunlight. If this isn’t an option, you can purchase blinds or curtains. 

Ease of setup and installation

Some home theatre systems are easier to put together than others. If you don’t want to worry about installation, you can hire a professional home theatre installer like AV Geeks. 

Purchasing the home theatre system 

Decide beforehand whether you are happy with a basic home theatre or whether you want a more advanced system. Your budget will also influence the type of home theatre you can purchase. It goes without saying that advanced systems with many features will be more expensive than a home theatre without all the bells and whistles. That being said, you can always purchase a basic home theatre to begin with, and add accessories in the future if necessary. 

As mentioned above, there are many parts to a home theatre. You have a choice between buying the entire system from one company or buying separate parts from different companies. The choice is up to you. If you want to save time, it’s faster to purchase a home theatre from one place. You can also install and get it set up quicker. In contrast if you want to have more customization, you can pick and choose the accessories you like from various stores.

Thinking about installing a home theatre in Ottawa? AV Geeks can help you set everything up. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial services for clients in Ottawa, Ontario. We want you to have a home theatre system that you love. If you have any questions about our installation services, our experts are more than happy to answer them. Call us at 1-855-404-3357 or email info@avgeeks.ca to learn more.

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