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Vacuuming can be termed as a necessary evil. Amidst the noise, cleaning must be done. Truth is it is very rare to find anyone who looks forward to vacuuming. Then there is the issue of replacing vacuums every year or so plus the portable ones are not just heavy to lift but they also have a bad smell. But if you are looking for something to work with in a factory or plant then a stationary vacuum cleaner will do.


Central Vacuum Systems to the rescue


First and foremost it is important for you to know the real facts about central vacuum systems. You do not need to renovate your house or bring the walls down in order to have a couple of these installed in your home. There are high chances of you falling or tripping with a portable vacuum than you tearing your walls.


Reasons why you should opt for a Central Vacuum System


Less noise in the house


This is the number one reason why people are now turning to central vacuum system. You can actually make or answer phone calls in peace. In fact you do not need to worry about the child sleeping in the next room. How is this possible? Well the motor which is the main source of the noise is located far from you. It could be in the attic, garage or basement.


User friendly


A central vacuum system is not complicated in terms of usage. First of all you do not need to carry a huge canister with you into every room. Cleaning is simple. Plus the system comes with several accessories which allow you to clean almost every corner of your house. Even the big portable guys cannot beat the central system when it comes to hitting every nook and cranny.


Saying goodbye to limitations


With central vacuum system you will say goodbye to all the limitations courtesy of portable vacuums and even statiobary. There are no power or extension cords. You will have no problems with the filter, all the parts last long plus you can carry all the trash you want. You will never go off balance and when it comes to the cost it is less than portables overtime.


Cleaner air


You will be truly happy to know that with a central vacuum system there is no recirculation of dust particles. This means that the air inside your house is cleaner and healthier for the members of your household. So you will not have allergy troubles often. How is all this made possible? The system carries out all the dirt and dust out of the house via the main power unit and then deposits them outside.


Thorough cleaning


Apart from being able to cover almost all corners while cleaning, the central vacuum motors are three times stronger than those found in portable vacuums. These motors are located elsewhere hence they are cooler. This means that you can clean for as long as you like and the powerful suction leave grit or particles on the surface.


A central Heavy-duty vacuum system is what you go for if you desire a professional vacuum cleaner.

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