The keys to successful conference room setup

The keys to successful conference room setup

Conference rooms play host to important board and staff meetings, workshops, training and seminars. They come in different sizes and style depending on the nature of businesses carried in. From brainstorming ideas to strategy meetings, weekly staff meeting or whatever else you have going on that involves several parties, conference rooms play the crucial role of a readily available venue.

The secret to a successful conference room setup is maximizing on the available space. Whichever setup you choose, the room should be able to host a large number while still provide space for movement, accessibility to exist points and visual and audio of the speakers. When planning to host a meeting, there are several factors that guide the conference room setup style. These are:

  1. Understanding your audience – There are a number of conference room setups each preferred by a certain audience. For instance, if you have a more participative audience, one likely to engage in discussion during the meeting, you may want to have a setup that allows for the audience to be able to see who is speaking during the meetings.
    Knowing your audience also involves having a working figure for the guest expected to attend the meeting. This facilitates for planning purposes.
Professional Conference Roome Setup in Ottawa

Visualize your meetings

You have probably attended different events yourself some which left you wondering who did the planning and others left you in awe of the details put in the entire event. While planning for the event, picture yourself as a delegate attending that event and think of what you are likely to expect especially in the conference room. Ease of movement is top on the list as a consideration.
Does the setup allow for the entire audience to see and hear the speakers? Supposing I need to make a quick exist, does the set up allow for this with minimal distraction to others? These questions and more will help you setup the conference room accordingly with everyone’s needs in mind.

  1. The room’s design and accessories – Conference rooms differ in size and shape with the standard being rectangular rooms. Regardless, the shape of the room plays an important part in the setup. Some rooms are already fitted with audio and visual equipment to facilitate meetings. Others lack these accessories and you will be needed to bring and install your own. Taking time to study the room noting the exits points, electrical wiring, audio and visual equipment available helps you in selecting the perfect setup for the room.

  2. The objectives of the meeting – Meetings range from seminars, workshops, board meetings, staff meeting, and end of year parties among others. These can be either corporate or social. The conference room setup can improve or ruin the entire event. As a planner, you need to fully understand the eminent meeting and select the most appropriate setup to compliment the event.

  3. Audio and Visual needs for the conference – Audio and visual equipment enhance the general participation of the attendees. This is because they are able to hear and follow keenly the speakers on the podium without struggling too much. If presenters had images to share during the meeting, without an ample number of screens, most delegates will be lost as to what is being referenced on. Same applies to audio. If you need your attendees to remain actively participative and concentrating, you need to make sure they can clearly hear what is being said by the speakers and other delegates.


Conference room setup and technology go hand in hand in creating memorable meetings. With a good setup but lacking audio and visual support, your meeting may be badly rated resulting in low attendance for future meetings. Sometimes, you may need more technical support beyond what is being offered by the conference room venue. AV Geeks offer professional conference room setup and support needed to make your meeting a brand. From interior room setup, audio and visual support, they are a one-stop shop for all your conferencing needs. Click here to learn more about their commercial conferencing services.

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