What are Home Alarm Systems

Home alarms systems are designed to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into your home. They safeguard against property damage, burglary and offer personal protection against intruders. AV Geeks is one of the leading companies that provides home alarm installation services in Ottawa. In addition to that, we provide maintenance services for your home alarm system once it’s installed. AV Geeks uses distinctive and personalized home alarm system solutions fused with efficiency, refined designs, and exceptional client service. Our services are meant to ensure our clients safety and that of their property at home.



Types of Home Alarm Systems

There are many different types of home alarm systems and whether one is suitable for you or not depends on your particular needs and circumstances. We at AV Geeks provide home alarm installation services in Ottawa for the following.

    Monitored Systems

    Monitored home alarm systems are probably the most popular alarm systems. If this system is triggered, it immediately alerts a designated call center of a security company who in turn alert relevant local authorities. It is an effective system because it offers you a 24 hour monitoring number even when you are away.

    Unmonitored Systems

    Our home alarm installation services in Ottawa also comprise of unmonitored systems that have sirens that will be set off if the alarm is triggered. In most cases, this acts as a deterrent where burglars will not continue with a robbery. An unmonitored home alarm system has the extra benefit of not costing as much as the monitored one because you do not have to pay security firms to react to the alarm.

    Wireless systems

    Wireless alarm systems are quite simple to install and do not have any monitoring fees linked to them. They also allow for flexibility where our home alarm installation services allow for you to set your own settings. These settings can pertain to sensors, motion detectors and cameras.


    Electric Current Home Alarm

    This is a system that is mostly found in newly-built homes rather than established ones. This works in such a way that the doors and windows are hooked up so that if they are opened without authorization, they send out a small noise that is loud enough to be heard. Our home alarm installation services also involve setting up this kind of alarm so that it can work in conjunction with a regular alarm.

    Benefits of Using AV Geeks Home Alarm System services

    • We at AV Geeks provide quality home alarm systems that will make your life safer, convenient and easier using your smartphone.
    • Our team comes to your home on the scheduled time and date for installation. We make sure that the job is completed as required. We provide organized and neat installation making sure that all cables are cut and fixed correctly for exemplary results.
    • Our installers also prioritize safety so there are no risks of accidents.
    • We use standard stipulations and software in the industry. Our technicians will complete home alarm system installations in accordance with existing standards. The key goal of AV Geeks is to guarantee optimal performance for every installation project and provide the best home alarm installation services in Ottawa.