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Need a Sound System for Your Restaurant?

AVGeeks designs and installs affordable sound systems for restaurants that are easy to operate and will entertain as well as impress your customers. Our restaurant sound system installation services will take your establishment to another level and increase your... read more

Need an Audio Visual System For Your Church?

There are numerous churches all over the world and just like any other business; they need updated audiovisual equipment. Though you may not know it, audiovisual equipment is one of the most important technical components of any church, whether the congregation is... read more

Is Buying a Security System Worth It?

A security system is an investment, and just like any other investment, it is imperative to establish the return you are likely to receive. Although it is easy to tally the up-front and monthly costs linked to an alarm system and security system, attaching a price tag... read more

How to choose the right projector

Projectors make it possible to amplify images either official or social use. If you are looking to share media on the screen for a number of people making sure each gets a good view, projectors are the only way to do it. This is because they can enlarge the images to... read more

Home Theater Tips: When to Upgrade?

Good sound quality has an effect on how you listen to our favorite jams or catch up on movies at home. The entire experience changes for ‘buh’ to ‘wow’ making you appreciate your sounds even more. IF you have been blasting your stereo to enjoy your music, a good home... read more

5 Reasons Why You Need a Camera Security System

With technological advancements and reducing camera prices, camera security systems have become affordable for many people. Just a decade ago, a camera security system was a high-tech and luxurious commodity reserved only for the rich. Over time, crime rates have... read more

The keys to successful conference room setup

Conference rooms play host to important board and staff meetings, workshops, training and seminars. They come in different sizes and style depending on the nature of businesses carried in. From brainstorming ideas to strategy meetings, weekly staff meeting or whatever... read more

How to get started with home automation?

The internet and technology advancement has made it possible for homeowners to upgrade their homes to ‘Smart Homes.’ Smart homes can be remotely controlled and programmed to perform various functions upon command by the homeowner. Home automation basically refers to... read more

Projector setup 101

Projectors are optical devices used to display magnified images from computers on projection screens. Projectors are mainly used in theatres, offices, conference rooms and at home to create a theatre effect. They enlarge visual images and texts making it possible to... read more