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Network Setup

AV Geeks is one of the primary service providers that specialize in network setup. Our technical experts are capable of connecting computers together based on what purposes that need to accomplished, what peripherals need to be shared and if any documents need to be accessed by more than one person. Once we have collected this information on what your network needs to do, we are better placed to setup a network for you.

Network Setup Ottawa

Types of network setups

Our Company is capable of setting up all kinds of networks with the help of our installation personnel who have quite a few years of experience. We are thus able to provide a broad range of services and at the same time make use of product lines and brands that are reputable for customized and complete network setup.

Peer to peer network

Almost all operating systems have the ability to act as some kind of server in order to share resources. Our technicians can set up different computers to allow others to use the peripherals of a single computer such as printers. When you allow workstation computers to become servers and share in this manner, it is referred to as a peer to peer network.

Client-Server Network

This kind of network comprises of one or more server computers that provide information and services to a number of workstation computers. This model is different from peer to peer network in that its servers do not act dually as a workstation and neither do its workstations work as servers.

Application-server network

This network has one high end server and all other network clients are dumb terminals which means that no processing is done on the terminals. The only job the terminals have to do is to provide input and show the display on the monitor.

Benefits of Choosing AV GEEKS Network Services

Our network setup installers and the company as a whole takes pride in the following:

  • Safety – Our technicians are trained on the safety measures they should apply while working so the risk of accidents occurring are minimal.

  • Highly – dependable technology – The technologies we use for setting up your network are supplied by highly reputable networks of reliable manufacturers.

  • Custom-made solutions – All the solutions provided by our personnel are designed to meet our clients’ needs and satisfy their wants.

  • Perfect performance – We are equipped with personnel who are trained in network setup and can guarantee optimum performance. One of the solutions we offer is allowing our team of installers to connect effortlessly and work from any place.

  • Well-coordinated and managed services – Our personnel know the value of teamwork and work together to avoid any disruptions or unnecessary delays.

  • After setting up your network, our technicians offer demonstrations to clients on how the network operates. Clients are also encouraged to seek clarification and ask questions where they don’t understand.

Our procedure comes first ahead of technology. We do not make assumptions or unjustified decisions in identifying and incorporating highly effective network setup solutions for our client’s businesses. We ensure that our services are satisfactory for our clients and that they will endorse our company to other clients.

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