Importance of a security camera in a commercial place

Importance of a security camera in a commercial place

Most of the time it takes our entire lifetime’s savings to be able to set up and start up that business that you have been having long been wanting to start up. Many people take it upon themselves to hire guards that will take care of your business so as to reduce the chances of burglary cases occurring. This, however, does not guarantee that your business enterprise is completely immune or that it cannot be compromised as thieves are getting smarter by the day. Video surveillance in the business premises protects both the company and employees.
Importance of a security camera in a commercial place - AV Geeks

Important features of commercial security cameras
IP Megapixel Technology

If you are currently using the analog security cameras, you may be limited with the amount of features you receive, such as digital zoom. As compared to the IP/megapixel technology the image is not as clear and precise


Businesses need security cameras in outdoor areas such as loading docks and parking garages. In countries such as the northeast, weather can be rough specifically during the winter months.

Infrared capability

Many security cameras bought specifically for outdoors will have what is generally referred to as night vision. Meaning that they can be even used when it is dark.

Remote video monitoring

This allows you to manage and oversee your business from a distance. This is a must if you are looking to maximize your commercial security cameras, reduces cost and increases efficiency.

180/ 360 degrees field of view

These security cameras consist of several lenses to provide the full range of view. The cost per camera is certainly higher with IP/ megapixel, but if you are reducing the number of cameras needed from four to one, you are also reducing the labor costs to install and maintain it going forward.

Benefits of security cameras
Protects the company

Video surveillance systems installed inside and outside the commercial place to record criminals that vandalize or steal property from the commercial property. The security cameras also record acts of employee theft. The cameras act as a crime deterrent. The video images will help the police in the ensuing investigation.

Protect the employees

Video surveillance systems protect employees both directly and indirectly. During security camera installation set them up in the company parking lots and outside the building to record criminal activity and allow the guards in the commercial place to ensure that employees there get to reach their vehicles safely. The security cameras can record instances of employee abuse or harassment towards other employees, which can be used as evidence against antagonist.


Managers and supervisors can use security cameras to monitor employee productivity, determine job performance areas where the employee needs improvement and insure that employees follow company safety rules. Maintenance employees can use security cameras to detect equipment that needs repair and equipment that is operating in an unsafe manner.

Customer records

Retail establishments use security cameras to monitor what customers do. Security cameras help to clarify an exchange between a client and a store employee. If a customer is looking for financial compensation because they claim an employee was rude to them, and the security cameras says otherwise, the commercial place can present its evidence to support the employee’s case.

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