Tips on Home Theater Room Décor

Tips on Home Theater Room Décor

Designing your home theater room can be an exciting process whether you have the experience in decorating or not. Your space, budget, and imagination are the only constraints when it comes to decorating your home theater room.

You can get designs from a home entertainment center, which can help you customize your room even more. Whatever your home theater room décor plans include. Ensure that you have the right video and audio equipment for the best movie theater experience. Here are some ideas on home theater room décor in Ottawa.

Set a theme

When choosing a room in your house to accommodate your home theater system, select one that will comfortably fit the home theater furniture, home theater seating, and the system itself. The room should be able to accommodate home theater equipment and acoustics without crowding the home theater seating.

Most people prefer to use movies as a theme for their home theater design and add framed movie posters, large film reels and more to create a theme for their home theater but you can always check with your home theater installer for more options.

Select appropriate furniture

The furniture you select for your home theater room should match the theme of your room. This could include using leather covered recliners, revamped movie theater seating or you could come up with your own ideas.

An essential thing, however, is to ensure that each seat in your home theater room has a good view of the screen, and positioned suitably for good sound quality as well. If your room doubles for other uses, it may be a good idea to consider custom home theater designs in Ottawa such as furniture that resembles cabinetry, which you can close up when not in use.

Use suitable lighting

Recessed lighting works best for a home theater room because you can dim it or turn it off. Home theater installers can build this into your ceiling or add a drop ceiling to facilitate installation. Other lighting ideas include brackets for lighting that throw the light into the ceiling.

After constructing raised platforms for your home theater room seating, consider installing your lighting straight into the stair face of the platform. This will prevent tripping and provide adequate light for seeing before a movie begins. Adding a dimmer switch can dim lights down without intruding onto the screen and provide enough lighting for moving about if need be.
After deciding on your theme, you can hang posters from your favorite action movie on your walls if you’re a fan. Other décor items could include panels and simple frames with insulation behind to help with the room’s auditory range.

Add drapes or heavy curtains to cover the screen when it’s not in use or to frame the screen like in an actual movie theater. Select a color scheme that blends in with your theme. Dark colors will work well for your home theater room because they do not reflect light.

If your home theater room has windows, ensure that you cover them with thick drapes to prevent light from coming in.

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