Where to put your flat tv screen?

Where to put your flat tv screen?

The cost and fragile nature of the latest flat screen TVs require special handling to avoid damages. As a result, there is increasing demand for TV stands and wall brackets. These utilities come in a range of designs and sizes. TV mounting on the wall gives an aesthetically pleasing experience to the viewers in the room and is sure to captivate everyone. With everyone looking for safety of their screens and also the aesthetic experience wall mounting of tv screen has become a norm in today’s home. However, one question that many people have to answer before finally mounting the tv is where to mount the tv? Which is the best position?
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Eye level position

The first step in mounting a TV screen is choosing the eye level position. It is evident the eye is the mostly used sense when watching a TV. Thus, it should be the one considered when mounting a television screen. When seated facing the TV screen your head is supposed to be at least at the center of the screen. This eye level positioning ensures that one is comfortable viewing the screen for longer periods of time unlike in occasions where one has to look up or down.

Slap it on the fireplace or not

For most people with a fireplace in their living room the default TV placement is the fireplace. However, the fireplace is not usually the best place for the TV unless you have to place it there. The number one reason why putting the TV on top of the fireplace is that the TV will have to be higher than the straight eye level position needed for optimum viewing.


With the technology world moving at a speed way too fast, TV screens are becoming better and larger by the day. However not every size of TV screen can be positioned the same way. When it comes to flat TV installation, the size of the TV screen matters. This is because the size of the TV screen is directly proportional to the optimum viewing distance. Placing a television screen too close or too far could hinder the watching experience making it strenuous to watch the TV screen.

The windows factor

Windows are the common hindrance for TV mounters when it comes to choosing the best positioning for the TV screen. Windows affect the home theater experience of the home as they distort sound and worse still produce glares on the television screens. We all know glares are the worst nightmare when enjoying a movie on a television screen and thus it is critical to consider the windows when placing a television screen.

Avoid as much as possible placing television screens directly in front of the window glare as the difference in light from the windows and the screen can hurt the viewer’s eyes. If the windows cannot be avoided entirely, it is a good idea to shop for opaque window blinds to use during tv watching periods. Getting opaque window binds helps kill two birds with one stone- TV in any position and the windows can still be fully functional when needed.

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