Video Camera Ottawa, Security, and Surveillance

With the advancement in technology, the methodologies of securing residences and offices have drastically changed. Today, with the help of CCTV cameras every move of a person can be watched closely. Hence, installing video camera Ottawa systems makes your premise safe and sound!

AV Geeks takes pride in offering video surveillance system installation to protect your commercial and residential premises with our advanced security gadgets. With the latest cameras and anti-theft alarm systems, we make sure that your home or office is always safe and away from thieves and robbers.

Megapixel IP Cameras & CCTV Systems with Professional Installation. Business & Commercial Security Camera Systems with Reliable Support.

Our video camera system features

Commercial Security Systems

Provides smart phone access and remote monitoring

Being able to access your security system from your smartphone device can be very handy. If you are ever on vacation, or at work, and you need to monitor your home and your most valuable assets – having our unique security system will be invaluable to you and your family. You can either access it via a browser, or through our smartphone application.

High Definition video recording

Sometimes it can be very helpful to find out the past recordings of your camera. Your security camera includes a unique feature called: “HD Video Recording” This allows you to check back several months on what has been recorded. This is great for protecting valuable assets and is always good for piece of mind.

Camera installation with hidden wire

Our security cameras have the option of being installed with a hidden wire. This helps in a two ways: (1) does not alert any potential suspects of crime, and (2) more organized and more aesthetically appealing.

Low light viewing

Low-light viewing enables you to watch the premises at night. Everyday camera technology is improving and this is one of the new feats. This is great for watching outdoors, and the inside of your home in the evening times.

Rain resistance

The latest in security camera technology allows your equipment to be rain-resistant or rain proof. This opens a world of opportunities. You can now place your camera in positions that were normally not recommended. You can also record and view more areas.

Easy set up and installation

Installing security camera systems is a lot different now than the past. It is a lot faster and more cost effective to get it installed. We are certified and trusted to do security camera installtions. Many business and home owners have placed their trust in our company.

Why choose us?

It is crucial that security systems remain up-to-date, reflecting changing business needs and developing threats. Below are some of the measures we take to ensure that our services deliver the best results for your commercial security needs.

  • We conduct security valuations, which are useful in determining the needs of your commercial establishment and its weak points as well.
  • We offer advice on which components are essential to building an effective system that reduces incidents of insecurity on site.
  • We study local crime trends and take them into consideration when devising a commercial security solution for you.
  • We test our systems upon installation to ensure that they are functioning before leaving. We re-evaluate our procedures regularly as well to gauge their practicality.