TV Mounting

We all spend a lot of time and efforts in finding a perfect TV for entertainment. But, have you ever wondered installing it right way is equally important? It is absolutely true that nothing can provide you more entertainment than high quality flat screen TV, but if it is not mounted correctly you cannot have the same fun and enjoyment.

We, at AV Geeks offer comprehensive and professional TV wall mounting services in Ottawa and the surrounding suburbs. We are committed to provide installation services for any size of flat screen TV in walls. With our immense experience of wall mounting you can be assured that your TV will be secure, safe and drilled properly in the walls of your bedroom or living area.


How we mount your TVs in walls?

  1. We inspect every nook and corner of your room and walls before mounting TV. Once we are done with inspection, we take advice on TV location, height and wall mounting options from clients
  2. To connect with your AV sources, we take care of supply and connection of specialist cables to give you hassle free TV mounting experience
  3. We also provide option for re-plastering/painting of walls, if required
  4. In order to give you the finest sound quality, we connect and setup your new and existing Audio and Video devices to the TV other than speakers and home theater system as well
  5. The team at AV Geeks is one of the best TV mounting teams in Ottawa. So, if you are in need of TV mounting services, then we are just a phone call away in giving you a better viewing experience of your favorite TV shows and movies.